Terms of Service

By providing payment for a selected some.design service, you agree to the terms listed below.


"You" shall refer either to the person or company that has contacted some.design to purchase usability analysis Services.

"some.design", "we", "me, "us", "I" refers to Cem Kesemen, who provides the Services defined below.

The Services

The Services some.design agrees to provide and deliver have been described on the home page and described in the FAQ. Although the Services themselves are customized to you, the means of delivering the Services and the way the work product is packaged are standardized and allow some.design to provide the Services at a reasonable fixed price.

Time to complete the Services

Estimated time to complete the Services are 48 hours for video reports, and 72 hours for written reports. These times are for working days; weekends and holidays are not included.

Each additional report may extend the delivery time by 24-72 hours. Special requests may take longer, but will be communicated before purchase.


The timely completion of the Services depends on your cooperation. A contact person should be available to answer any questions that may arise in a timely fashion. some.design cannot be held responsible for any delays that may occur due to a lack of replies from you.

Ownership of work product

The reports are, unlike design works, may not be specially crafted for you. Therefore, the findings and the methods of discovery in the analyses will not be owned by you.

The reports delivered may only be used by you to fix your services and products. Parts or whole of the reports cannot be used as a means of advertisement, whether be it on TV, or published media, or social networks.


No nondisclosure will be agreed on if the service or product which the Services will be performed on is public. However, for products in development, an agreement can be arranged.


Unless you and I agree otherwise, all communications related to Services shall be by email by the address provided by you and written on some.design website by me.


Once Services have been requested and work has started, no refunds can be made. If for some reason some.design has provided you full refund for the Services, you shall not use any part of its findings.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall some.design be liable in damages to you for an amount greater than the total amount that you paid for the Services.