Frequently Asked Questions

What is this exactly?

Usability and user experience analysis. I analyze your service, and provide you with recommendations for improvements.

Why would anyone need it?

In the cut-throat world of startups and services, you need two things to be successful: A useful product, and for that product to be usable.

I have seen many useful services that bleed money and time, and suffer only because of a few bad design decisions, or even simply lack of one. I'm here so that it does not happen to you.

Who are you?

I am Cem. (Sounds like "jam".)
I have studied Human-Computer Interaction in Uppsala University, Sweden.

I have provided this service to Google, MasterCard Europe, Migros, DenizBank (a Sberbank company), and countless startups.

Why some design?

I just had the domain name.

Why though?

I'm not sure. Sounded like a good idea at the time.

What can we test?

Mostly web apps, e-commerce sites and mobile apps are the subject of my reviews. However, any and all services and products that humans interact with can be analyzed.

It doesn't even have to be in production: I have successfully tested products that were just prototyped in Invision, or even sketched on paper.

How do I buy your services?

  1. You contact me with your request, either by email or by using the forms on the products page
  2. I forward you the price, the constraints and whether I need any extra details.
  3. You get your report online in 3 days following your payment. Invoice can be delivered via email or postal mail.

I will need a contact person I can reach quickly, in case I have questions, so that I can finish your report on time.

Any samples?

Coming soon. Promise.

Do prices include any VAT?

Yes and no.
No, VAT is not included. However, where I'm incorporated, VAT is not applied when selling services to the EU and the USA.

So you only have to pay whatever amount I show you. Nothing to add.

Can you offer some discounts?

If you purchase multiple reports of the same kind together, extra reports are all 30% discounted.

For example, if each report is $499 and you buy a report for your website and your iPhone app at the same time, you will pay $499+$349 = $848 in total. (Even cheaper for video reports!)

Would you do it for free.

I also do not accept references as a payment.
(I do offer discounts for them, though.)

I am a design agency, how can I use your services?

A couple of agencies have used my services in multiple ways, including but not limited to:

  1. Validation of work; To see if they got any usability basics wrong before delivering projects.
  2. Customer persuasion; Usability reports to show a potential customer that they do need changes.

I also provide agencies with white-label options and further customizability upon request.

I'm a startup, how can you help me?

You need users, and you work hard for them. You would not want to lose them to usability errors that could have been prevented if only caught by an educated eye.

I'm a multi-national corporation with billions in the bank. Who are you to judge me?!

Kudos to you! However, having worked with a few multinationals with billions in the bank, I would ask me if I were you. 😬

(Also, having an independent eye take a look at your work from time to time won't hurt.)

What forms of payment do you accept?

SWIFT transfer (costly) or credit card via Payoneer (not so costly).

Prices are in USD, right?